Educational visits
to Spanish cities
with native Spanish
& English guides

School Year (September-June)

Our Spanish Cities educational project is specially designed for school groups to come and visit Barcelona, Valencia or Madrid, or even our special Andalucian adventure; exploring Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla. On a cultural trip, or as an end of course project, for 5 to 7 days learning about the city.

With your choice of native English or native Spanish guides and with a full programme of dynamic educational projects and visits around the city.

We place you and your students in a hostel or hotel and take you around the most famous sights, while doing project work. You will also receive a pre-trip class pack to do in your school before the trip with your students. You can even choose your own visits or we can plan them for you.

We will pick you up at the airport and transfer your group to your residence. All prepared to begin your Spanish city week, with your own personal guides and project work.

Spanish Cities

+ guided tours & projects

your Experience

City Adventure

Discover the city with activities & guided visits

During the day, students will discover the city with the help of educational and recreational activities, going on a tour around town, by foot or by public transport. The our activities (treasure hunts, games …) are specifically designed for the students to learn about urban, artistic and historical aspects of the city that are not included in the traditional tourist routes, while playing and having fun.

City Culture

Discover the city with Spanish classes

In the morning students will go to Spanish classes and in the afternoon they will participate in tours, activities and visits around the city. Topics of morning classes will be specifically related to the tours and visits that will take place in the afternoon. Students will have a full dossier of activities, which they will use in the morning classes, as well as the afternoon tours and visits.