A Spanish working project in Barcelona

School Year (September-July)

Spanish Work Experience is a project designed to introduce higher education students to the working world in Spain. Interviewing and preparing a C.V., in Spanish, visits from/to local businesses to give you an experience of a working environment in a Spanish city. It’s a great and stimulating way to learn and practice Spanish and we can add the work practice option to give you a real working experience.

After a light lunch, students can choose one of our two options:

Company visits. Where students are taken on a visit to a local business to see how they function and how people work in another country. We adapt the visits specifically to the course they are studying at their own college, concentrating on their particular career areas. The week finishes with their own presentation of a business plan and project.

Work practice. Students are placed in local companies in the Barcelona area and spend the afternoon in a working atmosphere. If schools require certain job experience we can place them in specific places of work.

Company visits

Secondary // Bachillerato // 16+

Work practice

Secondary // Bachillerato // 16+